iPhone Spurs Touchy-feely Revolution

2007-06-26 星期二
Synaptics employee Robyn McElhiney holds up their clear pad technology to LG Electronics Co.'s LG Prada phone. Photo: AP June 22, 2007 - 10:50AM Get your fingers ready. Apple's iPhone is lea...

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Talk about Apple Safari Beta

2007-06-17 星期日
"Screw you, Apple! Safari keeps crashing again and again on my PC!" That is the topic I posted five days ago. Now let's talk about that much more. I read the news that Apple would release Safa...

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Apple – Safari 3 Public Beta – Download

2007-06-12 星期二
Apple: From now on, you could dump your slow Internet Explorer. Get Apple's Safari right now! Download at: http://www.apple.com/safari/ Me: SCREW YOU, APPLE! THE BLOODY SAFARI KEEPS CRASHING!!...

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Apple – Get a Mac – Next Year’s OS Today

2007-05-19 星期六
Sharp! Quote: "Want to see what the future of personal computing looks like?” asks Computerworld’s Michael Gartenberg. “Don’t wait for Microsoft to show you; go out and get yourself a copy of ...

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The Mobile Phones I Had, Having, and Will Have

2007-05-08 星期二
The first one, Ericsson T65, bought in 2002, when I was a pool university student.. This mobile phone is quite hard, uneasy to break. I still remember when I accidently fell the phone from my ...

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