Man in Hell..

2005-05-29 星期日
I cannot bear it! Jesus Christ, these days I am like in a hell. The FIT Monash is really a hell for us postgraduate students, especially when we are in semester 3. This semester is totally a ...

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Mission? Let’s Start! — Knoppix

2005-05-27 星期五
The "mission" is to complete a full text under Knoppix. The Knoppix, which is a powerful OS from the Linux world, is useful and awesome. Although people may prefer Red Hat, I think there are ...

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The Last CPE5002 Class of This Semester

2005-05-27 星期五
The last CPE5002 class of this semester. I have to admit that Dr.Le is quite a professional man in this area. I wish I can have more time playing LINUX. I wish i can be his guy. Oh what I'm s...

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Welcome to Synyan’s Personal Space!

2005-05-27 星期五
This is a test msg from my mobilephone. From now on I will frequently publish blogs either via the phone or directly on PC. Anyone who can see this text means you are absolutely my friend, be...

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Something is wrong with the MSN Space:

2005-05-20 星期五
I think the effect of the MSN Space has not been set correctly. This is a problem of LOCALE. For example, the zh-CN looks different with en-AU. Have a look at the "Profile" Module, you can...

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A Bad Design Today. Damn Java!

2005-04-20 星期三
Today I submitted a Java assignment. I think it is, at least, not bad. However, the result made me quite sad: In 2hrs consultation time, I was unable to access the data in the ArrayList that ...

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IQ Test

2005-04-11 星期一
Having a doubt on your IQ? Go to the following website and test it! I achieved a score 146 at the age 16+. I think that's quite high, but if I'm 10yrs old now, that'll be higher. Actually ...

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Bulletin: Transfer the Original Blog

2005-03-30 星期三
It is the time to transfer all entries in this blog ( to the new space that is associated with my MSN ID. The new space is:

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Pretty Phones (from

2005-03-30 星期三
2005-3-30 This is an article lists from These are really pretty good preview/review articles. They're quite professional. I like them not only becaus...

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