Damn It!

2005-06-22 星期三
Inefficient today is! Reading the first 6 lecture notes, but leaving the last 5 untouched...What am I doing?! Only get one day left. Tomorrow! I should not surf the Internet immoderately. In t...

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Still Have One Unit to Go…

2005-06-21 星期二
The last one, CSE5910 JAVA. Till now I have not completed reviewing the whole lecture notes, while there are only two days to do that. Jesus, what am I doing these days! I should not have wast...

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Eventually Got a HD for the Last Asnmt of CPE5020, Oops~

2005-06-13 星期一
Yeah, a happy news. Today I went to the tutor's room without a notice. He was just there, seemed waiting for my coming. When I saw my assignment, I was happy. Compare to the previous XML assig...

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Reviewing XML

2005-06-07 星期二
After finishing the interview this morning, I went to Yapp's home. When I passed by his window, I saw him sleeping in the bed. Today is the new beginning of the life. That is because yesterday...

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2005-06-06 星期一
Last n9, I, again, did not sleep. I think I am becoming a superman now. Finished the last two asnmts, with each of them reaching a D to HD level, I submitted them late today. Yes, be late. For...

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Programed a Whole Day..

2005-06-02 星期四
Too tired, although the 5910 JAVA still hasn't finished. This morning I got up early. The afternoon was also good, I did hard programming. But tonight I wasted a lot of time. 🙁 Now it's 2:58am...

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Out of the Depth of Misfortune Comes Bliss

2005-05-31 星期二
Things are getting better. This afternoon, after a hard studying on Global Software lecture notes and reading some i18n articles published on line, I had a few ideas on the asnmt. It is not so...

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Wanna Get a HD, But Failed..

2005-05-31 星期二
This morning I met Wojtek and showed the last improvement of previous asnmt, to see if he can give me some extra marks. Although the program ran perfectly, he still didn't give me a High Disti...

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CSE5910 JAVA: 60% Finished..

2005-05-31 星期二
This morning I went up quite early but with a headache. Then I went to the lib and printed my asnmt for CSE4500. When I had it bounded, I met Frank. He looked nice. I am happy that he is bette...

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Man in Hell..

2005-05-29 星期日
I cannot bear it! Jesus Christ, these days I am like in a hell. The FIT Monash is really a hell for us postgraduate students, especially when we are in semester 3. This semester is totally a d...

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