China Clamps Down on Campus Bulletin Boards


This is the headline of an article posted by Reuters on Mar.21 2005. Yes, it's true that the Chinese government, especially the Ministry of Education is totally crazy. I, along with some other thousands of ordinary users, am one of the victims of this occurrence. Mother Fcuk MOEChina. Fcuk the head, Zhouji, of MOEChina! He is among the most popular words in Baidu Searching Engine with a glory title "Sir PIG". Where is democracy? How can we get it? I'm thinking about it.

Here is the original article from Reuters:-

China Clamps Down on Campus Bulletin Boards

Mon Mar 21, 2005 06:58 AM ET

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has blocked off-campus Internet users from accessing several bulletin boards operated by universities as part of a government clampdown on outspoken domestic Web sites.

Shuimu Tsinghua, a popular bulletin board run by Beijing's prestigious Tsinghua University, was among the sites sealed to outside participants last week, the Beijing Times reported over the weekend.

"The Ministry of Education made the decision to shut the site because the bulletin board was only supposed to be a platform for internal exchange within the university," a Tsinghua University student who requested anonymity said on Monday.

"Students are calm about it, but it seems that non-student users are angry because they can no longer get access."

A note posted on the bulletin board's home page ( on March 16 announced the move and said it had been made in keeping with a new policy passed by the Ministry of Education. There were no further details.

Internet bulletin boards at Wuhan and Nankai universities were also barred to outside users earlier this month, the newspaper said.

Such university bulletin boards had become popular forums for discussion of everything from politics to pop culture between students, faculty, graduates and others.

A ministry spokesman declined to comment when contacted by telephone.

China has been cracking down on Internet content -- from politics to pornography -- but has struggled to gain control over the medium as more Chinese have got Web access and have used it to gain information beyond official sources.

Yitahutu, a bulletin board operated by Peking University, was shut down altogether last September.

China had 94 million Internet users at the end of 2004, the government said this month, adding that the number should jump 28 percent to 120 million this year.

Beijing has created a special Internet police force believed responsible for shutting down domestic sites posting politically unacceptable content, blocking some foreign news sites and jailing several people for their online postings.

Below are some very good articles from, which is a famous democracy website against despotism. I translated some parts of them:-

Write After the Castrating Against SMTH


...I cannot understand, why there are some kinds of stupid leaders; they'd like to use the most stupid, thoughtless and useless means for their government on demos, to easily put us, the representative youths and middle classes of the society who have agreed with what they had been taught to follow in the last one decade, against themselves. The war never destroyed our confidence on the country; the poorness didn't; the hungry never successed; even the deceiving, betraying and un-justness cannot shake our will. But they did, with a simple, rough and direct way:- inbreak our gentle life, to tell us that no spaces of fantacy and comfort within us will be left.

I know, quickly, there will have articles like "Comment on the Falling of Leifeng Tower" and "Commemorate Sir SMTH". However, out of these characters, what are we supposed to do?

Good article, isn't it? If not good, that's because my English is so poor.

Anyway, this occurrence is good. This is good because the shutting down of the SMTH makes me fall into the hug of Microsoft's MSN Space. After all, the MOEChina is not able to govern MS. In a word, the existance of MS, or say, US, has its unique area meaning.

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