Out of the Depth of Misfortune Comes Bliss

Things are getting better. This afternoon, after a hard studying on Global Software lecture notes and reading some i18n articles published on line, I had a few ideas on the asnmt. It is not so hard as I thought on the morning. So, now, I have confidence.

Another gd news comes from CSE4500, a XML subject. According to the subject homepage, the final exam will mainly have multiple choices, along with 4 short answer questions that are worth 40 percent. This is good, because in the unit test the DTDs, Namespaces and other XML staffs had been tested. It is not necessary to test them again. This is exactly what I thought. I am happy that Maria the lecturer thinks the same way.

"Out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss." It's a Chinese idiom with Eastern wisdom and dialectics. After all these sufferings, it comes the down of sunrise.

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