Man in Hell..

I cannot bear it! Jesus Christ, these days I am like in a hell. The FIT Monash is really a hell for us postgraduate students, especially when we are in semester 3. This semester is totally a disaster to me, because I chose two hard JAVA units. OMG, the assignment is soooooooo awful! Besides, there are so many assignments for me to due. I cannot believe it. Btwn April and June I handed and will hand in eight assignments along with other unit tests. They are:

  • April 30, CPE 5002 Individual Assignment (Very easy, done in a couple of hrs)
  • May 6, CPE 5020 Assignment 1 (done after two weeks haaaaaaaard work, day after n9, and got a Distinction. Could be higher, but I was really content with this mark. Thks God!)
  • May 9, CSE 4500 Assignment 2 (done with Frank in lab, did not sleep for a whole n9)
  • May 11, CSE 4500 Unit test
  • May 20, CPE 5002 Group assignment (done with two other guys, day and n9 in lab, wrote a 3800 words report and finally got a High Distinction)
  • May 27, CPE 5002 5000-words Final Report (done in last week, wrote 7800 words, much more than expectation. Hope the tutor will not mind that!)
  • May 30, CSE 4500 Technical Paper (done by yesterday, reviewed today. Looks good, will hand in it tmrw)

Unbelieveable, I did so many tasks! 😮

In future, there will be:

  • June 3, CPE 5002 Final Unit Test (not hard, but still need lecture notes reading)
  • June 6, CPE 5020 Assignment 2 (about JAVA Servlet, haven't begun! Jesus, I really want to kill myself!)
  • June 6, CSE 5910 Assignment (another JAVA, now in progress, finished 60%. Hope I can finish it b4 this Wednesday!)

And then, comes storms of final exams...

  • June 9, CSE 4500 Exam (Can be a disaster, since I have only 2 days in reviewing. Need hard work!)
  • June 14, CPE 5020 Exam (Another disaster. Hope I can pass it by)
  • June 23, CSE 5910 Exam (Not easy, but fortunatelly, there are at least 8 days for me to review)

What a Bloody Life! 🙁

Nowadays the only motivity for studying in my heart is to fly back China at the end of June and have a couple of gd days...

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