Something is wrong with the MSN Space:

I think the effect of the MSN Space has not been set correctly. This is a problem of LOCALE. For example, the zh-CN looks different with en-AU.

Have a look at the "Profile" Module, you can see that in Chinese Version the "Profile" Module is wider than English one, along with the "Category" and Blogs Module are thinner. So, the article I edited under Aussie LOCALE was truncated if people are from China. This makes the blog hard to maintain, since some users may come from China with country setting to CN and language setting to zh, and other may come from England with country setting to UK but still with language setting to zh.

You can see the effect by using different LOCALE settings:

English setting (Everything in this blog seems OK):

Chinese setting (Truncated):

I'm not sure if it's because of LOCALE setting, or just because the Chinese label of the "Profile" is too long (in Chinese, the label "Profile" is 8 bits: "档案文件", compare with the "P-r-o-f-i-l-e" (in English, that's 6). May I also suggest that it might because of the DTD settings.

I'm afraid other people from other countries will face the same problem, since there are more than 400 languages in the world, and I think MS might defined at least 8 of them. If MS staffs are playing with Arabian language, they'll want to kill themselves since the Arabic language is Right-to-Left. I took a JAVA Globalization class this semester, and wrote one small JAVA program that is used to set different LOCALEs. It made me crazy since I did 9 languages. MS may not use JAVA (C#? JS?), but I think the computer languages are alike.

Here's the snapshot (Up for English, down for Chinese):

MSN Space English version
MSN Space English version
MSN Space Chinese version
MSN Space Chinese version

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