IQ Test

Having a doubt on your IQ? Go to the following website and test it!

I achieved a score 146 at the age 16+. I think that's quite high, but if I'm 10yrs old now, that'll be higher. Actually I think I can answer most of the questions at my ten, with a much higher score than now I get, because that was my most brilliant time: Along with other 3 guys, I took part in a few cyclopaedia-knowledge competitions in my hometown and scored 1st amonst 10 teams from the best schools in the city.

Back to the IQ test. One or two questions are really not easy, I have to admit. But the most thing I could not bare is, there are too many pages and too many questions! After all, the only trick to get a high score in this funny test is to be patient.. 😛

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