A Bad Design Today. Damn Java!

Today I submitted a Java assignment. I think it is, at least, not bad. However, the result made me quite sad: In 2hrs consultation time, I was unable to access the data in the ArrayList that should be implemented within the Manager Class. That made my score half. However, I was destined to get this score. Although this score does little to my final score, it does mean something towards my studying. These days I've been spent too much time on publishing blogs and watching the TV-video "Wudi The Great Han Emperor". I should focus more on my studying, for the extremely difficulty of this semester. Anyway, with one or more months left, I will make arduous efforts. Being a loser is not as good as I think. Gonna sleep 'cause t9 I have jobs to do! As a nightshift is sad, but I have to do that, otherwise I will have no money to spend. Bloody life! Fight fight fight!! Neve give up!!!

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