CSE5910 JAVA: 60% Finished..

This morning I went up quite early but with a headache. Then I went to the lib and printed my asnmt for CSE4500. When I had it bounded, I met Frank. He looked nice. I am happy that he is better.

After an hour in the lab without doing anything, I rushed to Coles and bought a mass of junk foods. And then, back home and hard working began…

Until now, I finished 60 percent of the whole asnmt. Still have seven to eight features to add to the program. Gonna finish it in a couple of days. With another JAVA to due on Monday next week, I am pushed hardly…

Another small victory is I rescaned the previous asnmt of CPE5020 and found that I could do one extension easily that I hadn’t done before. Two hrs were enough. That was exactly what I did. Finished it at 1:30am. Hope tmrw Wojtek the tutor will give me some extra marks to let me get a High Distinction.

Here’s the snapshot of today’s progress of 5910 program.

2am now…I’ll go to bed.


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