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After finishing the interview this morning, I went to Yapp's home. When I passed by his window, I saw him sleeping in the bed.

Today is the new beginning of the life. That is because yesterday I finally submitted the last two assignments, and it begins the exam period of my S3. There are three units to be examed, excluding the CPE5002 which has been tested last Friday and, eventually, let me got a High Distinction. Hope there will be another High Distinction got from the other units of this semester.

Back to Yapp's home. At beginning, everything was OK. We studied good. However, after some time we began to chat. When we finished that happy chatting, the time was about half past five. 🙁

And then, I began cooking. Finally after 40 mins the mutton cooked with Tofu (bean curd) and sauce, the fried cabbage and a soup were all at the table. Yapp was hungry; me too. We engorged all of them in half an hour, left no a grain of rice. Actually I was so full that my stomach complained. And then, Yapp sent me to the Bus Loop and said goodbye.

I was planning to have a good review with Yapp, but the truth is we did absolutely inefficiently. The conclusion is, it is no good for two conversable guys to have an exam reviewing at the same table, as Yapp had warned me before. 🙁

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