Still Have SEVERAL Asnmts to Do? Gosh!

Oh dear, not until now do I realize that there are still several asnmts to due before my graduation! I was so muddleheaded that I didn't list all the tasks that needs to do until 10 mins ago. When I listed them, I was frightened. Gosh, three reports, two programs, two group asnmts and two final tests will come in 4 weeks! I was thinking this semester couldn't be as tought as the previous one, but I am wrong. From the point of view of any perspective, it has no sign that this semester, which is my final one, can be easy. I have wasted too many time on playing, surfing Internet,  chatting, a few parttime workings, sleeping/resting, and, blogging. Actually I did not do as many bloggings as previous semester! That's the most weird thing... Anyway, now it's the time I wake up!

As before, I list all the tasks I am going to do, and what I did. It's just for notting down my time schedule, and remind me that I still get a lot of things to do. Hope it's not too late!

There are in total three subjects in this semester. They are:

  • CSE5807 Wireless And Personal Communication Systems
  • CPE5021 Advanced Network Security
  • CPE5006 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The tasks I did are:

  • August 16, CSE5807 Report 1 (Easy, only needs approximately 1000 words)
  • August 23, CSE5807 Report 2 (As easy as above)
  • August 26, CPE5021 Group Assignment 1 (It took us more than two weeks to install, implement and test the system.)
  • September 2, CPE5006 Individual Assignment (Easy, no more than 1000 words restriction. Oops!)
  • September 6, CSE5807 Report 3 (As easy as previous one)
  • September 13, CSE5807 Report 4 (As easy as previous one)
  • September 17, IELTS test. (Mentioned before)
  • September 20, CSE5807 Report 5 (Even more previous one)

The tasks to be done are:

  • September 23, CPE5021 Group Assignment 2 (Tomorrow! Discuss with peers! Do it now!)
  • October 4, CSE5200 Programming (Very hard!)
  • October 4, CSE5807 Report 6 (As easy as previous one. I'll begin to do this one tomorrow morning!)
  • October 7, CSE5807 Individual Assignment (Not easy. Although it requires 2000 words only, I still need to think hard!)
  • October 11, CSE5807 Report 7 (Should be as easy as previous one, but I'm not sure~)
  • October 14, CPE5021 Programming (The hardest one. It needs me to implement two secure algorithms. Although implementing the algorithm should be my advantage, because my previous major is the Mathematics, I think this task will still be quite hard and time consuming!)
  • October 19, CPE5021 Final Test (I think it cannot be hard, nor can it be important because it only occupy 10 percentage of total final marks.)
  • October 21, CPE5006 Group Assignment (Difficulty: medium), along with tutorial assessment materials (The tutorial assessment sheets have been finished in each previous week, however they still need to be populated).

And finally comes my final exam and the only exam before my graduation:

  • November 1, CSE5807 Final Examination (I've heard that this cannot be easy. But fortunately, I get one week to view and review the notes! Hope this time I won't waste a lot of time before exam, like previous semester. I always waste time doing nothing especially when I get a lot of time in reviewing a subject!)

Isn't that horriable?

After that, I am totally free! The word "free" here means free from Monash. After that, the immigration process is on going..

OK, the schedule has been set. I will go to bed right now. Tomorrow? Stand up and fight like a MAN!


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  1. I have a series of these pics. Actually, believe it or not, this pic is a photo of assembly model on sale~ (around 300.00 CNY)

    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
  2. ha, so nice models!however, i\'d like to make by myself rather than buy a finished one.: )

    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
  3. They\'re assembly models. That means you have to DIY partially. Actually the fans said assembling the Sait Armor is the hardest part. It often takes them more than 3 hrs.

    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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