MSN Shell, Cool Stuff~

I have to admit that the MSN Shell, which is a free software supported by many people, is as cool as you can imagine.

The first feature I most like is the multiple threads. That means you can login as multiple users, which is not supported by current MSN build 7.0.0813. By that means I can talk to different groups of friends. Also, I can see my current status by testing one from another.

The second one is its colourful skins. At least there are five skins can be chosen excluding the default one. However, if you choose the Blanco and XPCorona, the status characters will fade if you are using a dark background.

Ah, I forget mentioning the background. Yeah this lovely shell provides you background feature. That means you can see your favourite background while you are browsing the contact list. This feature is not supported by MSN.

Also there are many features worth being praised of. I am just curious about why Microsoft doesn't offer them. Is it because MS wants to make more money, so they won't until somebody pay that?

Anyway, thanks to those selfless people. Otherwise I'll never use those funny functions.

MSN Shell
MSN Shell

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