City Trip

Yesterday my housemates and I had a trip to Melbourne City. It was so hard for me to get up on 9 O’clock. I felt like being slashed when I finally got up.

The X’mas is coming; we could see colourful flags everywhere. The train was crowded, so was the tram. The city was becoming a big market. At first, after we went out from Melbourne Center Station I told them I can lead them to Queens Victoria Market. Unfortunatelly it was me who was totally lost. It is such a big shame, not only because I have been living in Melbourne for 2 yrs, but also because I “lost my face” before my housemates two girls!

Finally, after wasting at least 40 mins time marching and drawing a circle in downtown, we took a tram (as they suggested before, however I didn’t adopt) and then got to the Market in 10 mins…

There were a lot of people inside. We bought some cherries. It was the first time that I bought cherries, because the cherries were seldom seen in China. After that, I bought a Solvlaki as my lunch. Oh dear, it was such a big Solvlaki that I had ever seen! My housemates were frightened because they are reducing weight. Anyway, I ate that one in half an hour…

During the last time, the two girls showed me very interesting shops especially for women’s costumes and cosmetics. Without them, I would never step in these shops. We went back on 5 O’clock in the afternoon.

Below are photos taken by Nokia 6230i on 21 Nov, 2005.

Melbourne city trip
Melbourne city trip
Melbourne city trip
Melbourne city trip

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