A Happy Dinner with Frank :)

Today is quite good too. In the afternoon we finished all the tasks: having our Course Completion Letters and Academic Records signed in Uni. Then I asked Armcal pharmacy manager certify and sign on copy of my passport. After that, we decided to have a dinner. Despite of the hard raining and cold air, we drove to Springvale. We came into a Thai restaurant. At first both of us don’t know what we should order. In solving this problem, we just ordered something we think we are familiar with (or sounds familiar).

When we had dinner, we talked about women. Yes, women. What are two guys supposed to talk when they drunk? The answer is obviously.

The courses we had:

  • Grilled Chon Thong: Moo Yang BBQ (what does it mean? 😀 ) – Grilled marinated pork with Thai herbs;
  • Thai Curries: Green Curry – Authentic Thai green curry paste with coconut milk, Thai berb and vegetable;
  • Thai Noodle: Pad Thai – Thai traditional rice noodle, bean shoots, egg, bean curd and prawns with tamarind saouce and crushed peanut;
  • Dessert: Pineapple with icecream (sorry I forget the official name…);
  • Beer: Thai Lion Beer.

Two interesting things: Golden bronze spoons and beautiful lotus lamp in corridor to bathroom.

Moo Yang BBQ & Green Curry & Pad Thai
Moo Yang BBQ & Green Curry & Pad Thai
Pineapple Dessert
Pineapple Dessert

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  1. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    Yeah I asked the lady to give me one menu because I think their course is quite good. Next time I may invite my friends to that restaurant again.

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