Lonely Southern Hemisphere

A famous Chinese song. I translate it into English. Note I changed the title. The original one is Lonely Northern Hemisphere.

🎵欧得洋 - 孤单北半球

You have breakfirst with my "gd nite"
Remember put my missing in piggy bank
Seeing constellations all across the galaxy
I hear Pyramus told Thisbe to be valiant

Don't be worry when we are opposite on the planet
Listen to my loving bringing to you with magic carpet
With a speed faster than the light
I want you to know Southern Cross can abut Polaris with my might

I wonder if you feel good without my arms as pillow at night
Your telescope cannot espy my loneliness and torment
Ocean breeze in Pacific with revolution of our planet
I will be waiting for your disembarking boat

I wonder if you feel good without my hug warm like stove throat
Email you my photo, you cannot see my loneliness in sight
World is big but we can warm each other with love in heart
Affection cannot go slow, you take it and keep my heart

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