Tired from Configuring My Sound Card on FC5

It has been 5 days, since I began to try to make my sound card work on Fedora Core 5. I don't know why Fedora Core 5 does so bad on configuring the sound card. It is really hard to imagine that with so much trouble does somebody else want to use Fedora. Yes it is free, however "free" does not necessarily mean to be "cheap". The good thing is, I learnt a lot from Googling useful articles, like installing the RPMs, compiling source codes, re-compiling the core, making Flash show on my Firefox browser, auto-mounting disks of Windows, configuring disks with NTFS type... The bad thing is, I still cannot make the laptop even make a little bit sound. Anyway, I'll still continue to work hard and make effort to make my sound card (Intel 80811 motherboard integrated) work...

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