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1. Under edition mode, when user clicks Home (like ""), he is shown his own home page, that is good. However people get confused about if he should be directed to his home page or the home page of LiveSpace (like ""). Maybe it is a good approach that you add one more link/button says "space homepage" near "Home".

2. There is no drop-down list for the different locales. I mean when a user is in his own country, he is directed to his own locale home page, however when he uses another computer with different language OS, he is directed to another locale. That is not good. They should have rights to choose the homepage locale as they like. Actually many people have to add one more customized list named "choose your language/locale", which could let people click on "". This is not necessary...

3. One bad design, when people click on one comment on the homepage, or under his edition mode, he is directed to a page that can modify the previous article. This is not good as most owners dont expect the modifying page appear. All they want is just posting a comment back. Things become bad because previously MSN space uses <div> tags instead of <p>, however firefox doesnt support <div>&nbsp;</div> quite well , so if people click the comments, be directed to the edition article page, then mistakenly save the article with the current format, the IE pre-formated article becomes mass...

4. If I am left more than 100 comments, and some comments are left under articles 2 yrs ago, I will never know some comments were posted as I cannot see them under edition mode at first glance. So I think it will be appropriate that you enlarge the number of the newest comments exposed to the owners, or at least give them a drop-down list that can let them choose the number of comments they can see, just like you did to "article numbers show on your first page"..

Thx for reading. Take care.:)


Welcome home – more about your Windows Live Spaces personalized home page

Almost two weeks ago, Chris blogged about the new features in our latest release.  In the next few weeks, some of the team members who worked on these new features will have the chance to tell their stories and talk about the features they worked-on.

I’m excited to get the opportunity to kick this off by talking about our new “Spaces home.”  Our goal for this page was to give you a personalized starting place to explore Spaces, including recent updates from your contacts, recent comments on your blog, entry points to customize your space, and tips on how to get the most out of Windows Live Spaces.


Thanks for your interest in the Spaces home.  I hope you’ll enjoy using the new Spaces home as a starting point to exploring Windows Live Spaces and leave a comment if you have suggestions for further improvements.

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