The Mobile Phones I Had, Having, and Will Have

The first one, Ericsson T65, bought in 2002, when I was a poor university student.. This mobile phone is quite hard, uneasy to break. I still remember when I accidently fell the phone from my 2-meters-high bed in school doom, the phone hit the ground and bounced up about 1 meter then fell on the ground again, and, nothing happened!

The second one, Motorola A835, bought in 2004, when I first arrived Melbourne. The Hutchison’s 3 just launched one or two 3G phones in Australia, and every people can purchase one mobile phone with a very low price ($10 per month), plus unlimited phone calls to every 3 customer with first ten minutes free.

Honestly, the phone is too large for me, so eventually I sold it in 2005, then purchased my first shell phone, Sony Ericsson Z800i. It was one of the best sellers in EU. However after two years using the buttons are not so sensitive.

Before I purchased the Sony Ericsson Z800i as a 3G substitute to my block-like A835, I went back China and bought one GSM Nokia phone – Nokia 6230i. This phone was one of the best phones I have seen. It is small, silver, shining, skinny (but still cannot compare to modern phones like V3), and “powerful”. I say it is powerful not because it looks like a smartphone (it isn’t), but it is the best phone Nokia has done so far on its Symbian platform 40. That is the reason why many businessmen in the train used this phone (but now they use PDAs like Blackburry). The best of this phone is its resolution – amazingly 65536k with 208×208 size screen. Also its sound chip is super good – Texas Instruction’s chip, even better than the Yamaha’s. One day I was in the bathroom and even there are four doors between me and my bedroom, I could still hear the loud beautiful ring tone from my 6230i. Amazing!

I am still using this phone because its good quality, and I won’t put it in my historical phone museum.

Oh by the way, one more little dirty secret: girls like men to use this phone.

Then came with my Motorola V3x. It was like a God’s gift, however it was proved to be a courier’s mis-delivering..Frankly, this phone is the best one Motorola made for 3G network: skinny, big buttons, good camera, etc, despite of its bad battery.

Because currently I don’t have any new 3G phones, and my Z800i was broken (result: would not respond even I press the buttons hard, and sometimes suddenly shuts down), I intend to buy a 3G smart phone, before I buy Apple’s iPhone.

This time I think the Nokia E65 would be appropriate. The beauty of this phone is, you can surf internet without paying to mobile operater! It has Wi-Fi!

But obviously Apple iPhone is my last (but not least) dream phone..

Apple iPhone 1
Apple iPhone 1
Apple iPhone 1
Apple iPhone 1
Apple iPhone 1
Apple iPhone 1

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