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"Want to see what the future of personal computing looks like?” asks Computerworld's Michael Gartenberg. “Don't wait for Microsoft to show you; go out and get yourself a copy of Apple's latest operating system release, [Mac] OS X Tiger. It's that good.”

He isn't alone. From Walt Mossberg — “The best and most advanced personal computer operating system on the market” — to David Pogue — “The classiest version of Mac OS X ever” — to Eric Convey — Tiger can “revolutionise the way you go about your computer business” — one highly respected tech pundit after another has lavished praise on Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger.”

And for good reason. Mac OS X, the most advanced operating system in the world today, delivers a platform of features designed to make the time you spend on your computer a wholly pleasant and entirely productive experience.

Can you say that about your computing life in Windows?

If you've ever tried to find a file you know is hiding somewhere on your hard drive, wait till you try Spotlight. Built into the very fabric of Mac OS X, Spotlight puts lightning-fast search capabilities right at your fingertips, quickly showing search results as you type. And Spotlight searches most of the file types, including images, emails, contacts, calendars and applications, you have on your drive. Duly impressed, David Pogue says it's “like Google for your hard drive.”

Has Microsoft delivered such functionality yet?

Vista, Microsoft's future operating system, promises to bring gadgets to the Windows desktop. Small, highly focused applications ideal for accomplishing discrete tasks, gadgets are a truly great idea. But why wait until 2007? Since it began shipping last year, Mac OS X Tiger has offered a bounty of Dashboard Widgets. Right now, you can use Mac OS X widgets to review your stock portfolio, check the weekend weather, track flights, take screenshots, play Sudoku or conduct research in Wikipedia. That's technology you can put to good use today.

And here's another example: Really Simple Syndication. RSS makes it easy to quickly scan the latest headlines and article summaries from thousands of websites. Unfortunately, if you use Internet Explorer, you need two applications to take advantage of RSS — both IE and a news browser. On a Mac, Safari offers built in support for RSS, letting you see, at a glance, when the latest news items appear. So you never have to leave your web browser to check your news browser because the latter is built into the former.

There's more. Tabbed browsing in Safari. Crystal clear video conferencing. Parental controls. Easy DIY scripting with Automator. Mail with built-in spam blocking. It all comes with Mac OS X, and there's nothing extra to buy. In fact, even buying Mac OS X is easier because one version gets you everything. No need to choose among a myriad number of versions. You install the same version of Mac OS X on your laptop as you do on the desktop you use at work or at home. If you do have multiple Macs, you can purchase a Family Pack that allows you to install Mac OS X on up to five Mac systems. And without any nasty activation codes to contend with either.

With Mac OS X, the future's right before your eyes.

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