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Everybody on this planet knows Windows is for those "ordinary" people who would like to have their own computer but cannot afford money and time to have more expensive OS and engineers. Like my boss, she is a dump. She absolutely can only use Windows. MacOS would be too "advanced" to her.

But fairly speaking, I like Mac, I am going to buy a Macbook in future somehow, because it is beautiful (but hard to use to program, and Mac users are mostly yuppies and students trying to be yuppies) Although most of my time I program and do office works by using Windows XP (no Vista!) to make money for living.

But as people in the industry all know, the guys working for Linux are the most smartest guys. They build their own systems! Can you do that? If you could not do that, shut the f'kin mouth up! I run three diff types of OS (Windows, Mac and Ubuntu). I know how hard to configure Linux. But if you are a genius like Linux guy, you are DIYing your own computer. I do respect Linux guys.


YouTube - Mac Spoof: Security

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