Recently the Chinese Olympic commette has announced that the opening and closing ceremony tickets for Beijing 2008 Olympic games are nealy sold out. Wow! It seems that this event – the Beijing 2008 Olympic – is very very hot! I mean, yes, it is good for Chinese. However, how about others who want to buy Beijing 2008 Olympic tickets? It is saild that there will be 30% tickets only available to other countries other than China. Well, there is still chance. people can purchase tickets from international brokers.

Beijing 2008 Summer Games
August 8-24, 2008 – Beijing, China

Unfortunatelly, I might not have a chance to go back and watch this event on live. Still remember when I was in Xian, I promised my best friend Bian to go to Beijing and watch Beijing 2008 Olympic games. I hope I would not break my promise.

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