Decepticon Blackout and Swindle

Yesterday I bought another two. I did want to buy Autobot Jazz, Ironhide and, especially the Bumble Bee. However, they are all sold out! Shit! So finally I bought the Decepticon Blackout and Swindle. There were some Bonecrushers left, but I did not buy it.

Blackout box

Blackout box back

Instruction sheet

Helicopter mode

Transforming 1

Transforming 2

Transforming 3

Transforming finishes


Swindle box

Swindle box back

Swindle instruction sheet

Swindle vehicle mode

Transforming 1

Transforming 2

Transforming 3 (Press the centre button will result the pop-out of “cannon” at bottom)

Transforming 4

Transforming 5

Transforming 6

Transforming finishes

The whole group from left: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Swindle, Blackout)

Appendix: The comparison of original characters and modern one

Blackout G1 (1984)

Blackout Armada

Blackout the Energon

Blackout Transformers the Movie

Blackout the Movie Voyager-class toy

Swindle G1 (Munitions Expert)

Swindle cartoon redesign

Swindle in card artwork

Swindle in Binaltech card artwork

Swindle in Transformers: Armada

Swindle in Transformers: Universe (2005)

Swindle in Transformers: Cybertron (2006)

Swindle Movie Deluxe-class toy (2007)

Note the Swindle is not appearing in the Transformers: The Movie, but it appears in the Transformers: The Game

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