Xue Naiyin, the NZ Chinese Father Who Abandoned His Daughter is Found a Murderer, and More

It is quite clear now that the father, named Xue Naiyin, is a murderer who murdered his second wife and is suspecious for killing his first daughter Xue Qianxun.

On Monday, the Sun fist page showed a photo of a little Chinese girl nick named Pumpkin who was abandoned by his father, former New Zealand Chinese Time boss Xue Naiyin. Now police finds that he killed his wife and put her body in a boat.

I believe this thing is not isolated. Xue Naiyin is 54 years old, that means he must have gone through the Cultural Revolution, which screwed his personal characters. Besides, he is good at martial arts, which means he must have been a military officer in his early ages. I could even guess he migrated to NZ in 1996 because at that time a lot of Chinese senior officers were involved and caughted because of the billion-dollar-corruption-case named Xia-men Yuan-hua contraband. At least worth $53,000,000,000 yuan (nearly $6,625,000,000 in US dollars) goods were involved in this huge case. So I would doubt NZ immigration department, which made you give the migration visa to the guys who corrupted money? Shouldn't them be sent back China and be sentenced by justice? Never mind, NZ is just a crime paradise like Canada.


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  1. 好像有那么一点点印象,为什么又想起他了??

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  2. See these articlesThis guy, Qian Xun Xue, killed his wife and he is famous now, in Australia, NZ and US. All policemen are hunting him.

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