Advertisement: Long Leather Boots with Butterfly Patterns Surrounded by Artificial Diamonds

This is an advertisement for my friend Nicole. I am FORCED to put it here. Who's not interested please ignore these craps...

Lovely Long Leather Boots with Butterfly Patterns

Description: A 95% new pair of true Sheep Leather long boots, smooth feelings, a few scratches but not significant, with a butterfly pattern formed by beautiful artificial diamonds. Only used 5 times.  They are leather lining, man made sole, and made in china. They are the gift from my sister but unfortunately they don't fit my size. 🙁  Anyway, they are a Fantastic Must-have Item You Would Not Regret!

Size: 7.5

Colour: Black

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Long Leather Boots

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  1. Forced? LOL~ 
    At the first instance I thought I went into a wrong site. Ensuring that it\'s Tiger\'s Space, I wondered when you had your sex being changed. then I noticed the remarks below the title...

    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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