Wonton or Jiaozi, This is a Question…

Well I remember I saw a thread saying there is a Jiaozi party or similar. But I couldn't find this article anymore. Never mind. What I wanted to say, is:

If you order Jiaozi in Wuxi, the restaurant probably will serve you, however you look not only cheap but also have no knowledge of Wuxi. The reason is not only because Jiaozi in Wuxi normally are overcooked and tastes bad, but also because historically not a lot of Wuxi citizen eat Jiaozi.

Well as I said it is OK if you are a white man coming from Europe, telling your skinny Chinese pussy baby that you want to have some famous Chinese Jiaozi, she will take you to a restaurant serving Jiaozi. However actually Jiaozi is the traditional food of Western and Northern China, not Eastern China. If you are a Chinese when you pop in and ask for Jiaozi, traditional Wuxi citizen will say you are welcome but actually they tend to think is: - "Ok this is a poor man migrated from bloody rural Northern China where they used to have nothing to eat but Jiaozi!" It is just like a French cook looks at a Britain menu and say, "Poor English bastards!" (Sorry for guys come from UK. No offense!) Or like you pop in Alain Ducasse dining room, at Plaza Athénée in Paris and say, "I want some sushi!"

Instead, the traditional Wuxi food quite similar to Jiaozi is "Hun2 Tun2" (Wonton, or dumplings with soup). It is mixed with chicken soup, egg slices, toufu slices, shrimps, shallots and other mild spices. It is absolutely delicious! Forget about the bloody Jiaozi in Wuxi! If you really want to eat Jiaozi, go to north provinces. Remember, Wuxi is very famous for its "Wang2 Xing4 Ji4 Hun2 Tun2" (Wong's Wonton Restaurant). Even Shanghai's wonton was originally from Wuxi. Here I posted some photos from my Chinese blog.


The wonton restaurant could be found in Google Earth. If you could not, here is the address: No.221 Zhong Shan Nan Lu, Wuxi city.

So next time when you pop in a Wuxi citizen's restaurant, remember to say "wo3 yao4 chi1 wonton"!

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  1. Why is every one talking about food today? Anyway, you reminded me of the wonton at my hometown. 🙂  I agree with you that jiaozi is more popular in the Northern & Western parts of China whereas people from the Southern part fancy wonton more. In my hometown, the traditional wonton is usually of small size, with its 70% transparent thin skin and minced pork fillings. However, wonton served at high-class restaurants nowadays are often not that original because of so-called improvement made to it.

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  2. Then make it youself. You can find minced pork, dumpling skin and sometimes wonton skin  in some Woolworths. Just get whatever fillings ready and wrap them into the skin. That\'s easy. 🙂

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    Well, I\'m just a poor woman from bloody rural Northern China where they used to have nothing to eat but Jiaozi.
     though,wonton is nice:)
     ok,next time,never order Jiaozi in Wuxi 🙂
    I miss china when i talk about food with anyone.........

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