Why Exiled Tibetans Want Independence

Before I start this article, I have to clarify that:

  1. I am not a communist.
  2. I am living in Australia.
  3. I am a science believer.
  4. My political view is very liberal.
  5. I love China but I hate the corruption there.
  6. I am a peace lover and I have no bias against any Tibetans.
  7. What I say here and what I do is totally objective.

The article below was translated from a Taiwanese's blog. Well you guys probably all know Taiwanese want independence, but even Taiwanese do not agree with exiled Tibetans because these Tibetan lama were murderers, rapers, killers and slavers, and they were cruel than any human being could imagine. Even NAZI did not strip human skin like these lama did! The independence of Taiwan and independence of Tibet is totally different, as Taiwanese seek modern democracy, but Tibetan monks seek old styled theocracy!

OK, let's see what this Taiwanese said:


In 14th century, most Dalai Lamas were killed in their early ages, because they were poisoned by their nearby people. At last, the Manchuria governor Qian-Long of Qing Dynasty was so pissed off about the endless killing amongst Tibetan court that he ordered a new Dalai Lama should be chosen by randomly finding a new boy when the old one dies.

From here we could see these theocrat were pretty hypocritical: they called themselves Gods however they killed each other without any goodness for their own interests.

I've been to Tibet for many times. I've talked with Lama (Buddhists) and civilians.

Do you know why there were, and are problems? Let me tell you what I see.


Before CCP went into Tibet, Tibetans were divided by two or three classes. The top ones were slavers and monks, while the rest were slaves. Statistic shows that 95% were slaves, and the rest were slavers and monks.

At that time, every temple owner had a large amount of lands and dozens of slaves.

The slaves were always slaves. When monks or slave owners want to sacrifice, they cut slave's arm(s) and strip their skin to show the God their tribute.

When Dalai Lama celebrated his birthday, he would order lama to strip two kids' skin as a sacrifice. If you went to the Tibet Historical Museum, you would see the stripping order before 14th Dalai Lama was driven off Tibet by the joint force of China and Liberal Tibetans.

However those slaves had no idea about the science. All they believe is Dalai Lama is a god. To make it worse, Tibetans were induced to believe that when they were sick, the shit of Dalai Lama is a prescription.

When the slaver wanted to show his hospitality to a guest, he used to rape his own female slaves with the guest, so "sharing women" could enhance the relationship between the slaver and the guest.


These behaviors really disgusted Chinese government. So in 1950s CCP forced those slavers hand in their lands and released all the slaves, and exempted all unfair liabilities.

All slavers were pissed off then. In 1957 slavers assembled a small army but was defeated then. Dalai Lama ran off quickly, with the help of CIA and Taiwanese secret agents. However Panchen Lama stayed as he agreed with the releasing of slaves.

This dramatically caused a special Tibetan "race separation":- The separation between civilians and monks. Those Tibetan civilians living in the bottom class really endorse communism. When travelers went to those civilians houses they could easily see how those freed slaves put Mao Zedong's portraits with their Buddha, because it was Mao who gave them land and freedom. Now to make it even "free", all Tibetan's medication was financially supported by the government. That is why common Tibetan civilians are not so excited about the independence.

However the monks and children of slavers don't think so. In their brain, Mao was a criminal of robbing their lands and properties, and Mao even distributed the lands to their slaves. So they really hated Mao and CCP.

So when you walked in the streets of Lhasa, you would probably find out that those independence activists are mostly lama or the descendants of previous slavers.


The government tried its best to educate Tibet people because only education could tell people not to believe in entirely imaginary gods but to believe in science. Could you imagine a physicist knock his heads ten thousand of times in front of a clay Buddha? Probably not. But Tibetans would do that, as they want their brightest children to go to the temple and become lamas, so the children could benefit from government's sponsors.

Because of this specialty of theocratic society, the government funded billions of money to support the freedom of their imaginary gods. People always say every monk in Tibet has special allowance from central government. They are rich enough that other minorities get really jealous. That is why every temple in Lhasa looks so brilliant:- all these golden decorations were from Chinese taxpayers.

However lama are still not satisfied. It is simple, whatever you give them, they take it for granted, as they think Han and other minorities robbed their lands and distributed to slaves. Now they are not in the first class anymore.

I believe if Tibetans really want a brilliant future, the lama class is an obstacle. Do you guys know who really wants to show Tibetan culture? Not lama class, but central government of China. Why? Because only through travel industry and cultural developing, could Tibetans get rich and well educated. So central government had so many schools in Tibet and all classes were told in Tibetans and Chinese. To make it more "free", if a bachelor student volunteers to teach in Tibet for a couple of years, the government would sponsor him to go for a Masters or Doctor's degree in any top university in China for free. To build schools in such a high altitude is very very hard. Tibet is as large as 30 Taiwan island, however the whole population is less than half of a Taipei city. How to get those herdsmen educated? Only by funding.

Now the lama class was pissed off. They think, OK by educating people they would just not believe in lama anymore, so lama class will not be beneficial from the current situation any longer. That is why they said government was destroying their "culture" -- culture of ruling people by using faulty gods. That is why in the previous riots all schools and hospitals were among the first priority targets attacked by Tibetan activists.

Lama are not the first people in the world to stop science. Remember dark age in Europe? Remember Holy Office? When Copernicus advanced the theory that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun, religious authorities were frightened and sentence him to prison. Now if Tibetans know earth is a globe and it circles the sun, they would not believe the lies that lama told them about the hell near the horizon.

Tibet, is in an era that modern civilization and old theocratic culture collides against each other.

Just like inquisition could not forgive Copernicus and Galileo, lama did not want to quit the historical stage either. So in this collision, you would see riots and fights, violence and even killings.
This is not a war about "human rights" and "freedom", this is a war in between new and old, more or less a little bit like what Americans are doing in Iraq.

If China really wants to build Tibet up, it should build more schools and prisons. The schools are for Tibetans, and prisons for rioted lama.

I would suggest you guys go to Tibet, not to join a group, not to go to temples only, but just go to county, plain and rural areas, and talk to those countrymen, listen to their positive point of view of communism and Mao, and watch their hard working, and especially pay attention to the broken arms of those people who were slaves in the past. Now you go back to the temples, see those lama sitting around the yards murmuring and complain about their life was ruined by the government.

Slave child skin made by tibetan royals and monks in the 19th centry
Slave child skin made by tibetan royals and monks in the 19th centry.

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