16,760 troopers were deployed in China for rescuing people after earthquake

According to Xinhua News early this morning, 16,760 armymen were deployed for rescuing and searching.

At least in total 1,300 soldiers formed by the medical division sent by Chengdu Military District and one group army has arrived to the epicentre Yingxiu town of Wenchuan county where is about 20 km from Dujiangyan city. They've started to clean up the ruined houses and search for wounded in rain.

News from National Emergency Department, until 0600 am on 13 May 2008, 16,760 troopers were deployed for rescuing and searching in Sichuan Province, includes 11,760 army men and 5,000 armed police. There is a plan to airborne to the disaster area by using 20 military aircrafts.

A further 34,000 soldiers from Army of Jinan Military District, Army of Chengdu Military District and Air Force is undergoing a multiple mobilization includes by using airborne, railways and roads to deploy into the earth quake area. News says that 2,824 soldiers of one division quartered at Yunnan province have been mobilising on the railway at 3am of 13 May. Another division plus 2 brigades located thousand miles away in Jinan Military District were undergoing transportation and has set out at 0820 am. Further 6,420 paratroopers who were in Hubei province had finished preparations and started to airborne at 0620 am. 20 IL-76 and Y-8 aircrafts were using to transport articles to the area.

From National Emergency Bureau, the National Earth Quake Emergency Rescue Team formed by 227 doctors, nurses , earth quake professionals and 12 rescue dogs has entered Dujiangyan city with part of the rescue equipments.

Because of the meltdown to the Wenchuan county, mobilizing is impossible so troops began to march toward the mountain area on foot. A 20 men scout team led by a vice-colonel had entered into the county early in the morning.

An estimated at least 9,219 people were killed in this 7.8 magnitude earth quake includes 12 British tourists.

Source from Xinhua News

Translated and written by synyan.net

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