2012 Olympic Opening will still be in Beijing!!!

Beijing - 29/8/2008

From my Chinese friend, rumour says that LOC (London Olympic Committee) Officials have announced that because of the significance and outstanding of 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening and Closing, London is considering giving up the next Olympic Opening, to save next Olympic's tight budget. After urgent internal meeting, IOC (International Olympic Committee) president announces that, the next Opening will still be in Beijing! The news immediately knocks down all Beijing local officers, martial police soldiers, volunteers and city councilors. To make it worse there is no paramedical service because all doctors and nurses in Beijing faint as well. Angry Beijing police staffs are preparing to raise a million-people demonstration to protest IOC's silly decision. One policeman bursts into tears in front of Bird's Nest (site of Opening Ceremony) and says, "I've been working extremely hard in the last seven years since the announcement of Beijing's success in 2001, and now I am expected to overwork another four years? That will definitely lead to my tomorrow's suicide..."

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