SPAMMERS! - Talking about Happy 4th birthday, Windows Live Spaces!

It has been four years since I started to blog here. Microsoft has been good but there is one issue I am always agnoying about. That is the *SPAMMING*. Every time I receive hundreds of junk comments, I will go furious. Because I have to go to every blog entry from homepage, click "edit", then  wait for the contents to display in full, then I could click the small "x" before each junk. That is time consuming, especially when some idiots flood hundreds into my blog!

There should be three ways to prevent spamming:

  1. Design a simple CMS, that allows Space users to delete junks more quickly than the spammers. I would prefer put this CMS on the front page which is;
  2. Design an intellegent system that automatically identify the spammers who publish too many similar comments across the Space phere. It should be very very easy. Even our university's IT junior students had done that!
  3. Design a simple user voting system, that users can rate, complain or vote who's spamming. The ones who got the most complains will be reviewed by system admin.

I am hoping SpaceCraft team could see this blog and smooth the user experience for us faithful users.


Happy 4th birthday, Windows Live Spaces!

Just four short years ago today we shipped the first beta version of Spaces.

The Spaces team would like to thank you, all of our wonderful users, for an awesome four years. We’re looking forward to many, many more.

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