Assessing Google’s showdown with China: Does it make sense?

by Larry Dignan

On the surface, Google’s threat to shut down its China operations after a cyberattack on its infrastructure looks like sheer business lunacy. How can the search giant give up on the world’s biggest growth market? It’s easier than you’d think.


I support google, like always, and I hate Picasa always being blocked by CHN government. But I only have one big question: WHAT IF Osama bin Laden USES GMAIL TO SEND BOMBING MSGS TO EVERY TERRORIST IN THE WORLD? IN SOME ISLAMIC WORLDS, HIS BEHAVIOR SYMBOLIZES “HUMAN RIGHTS”. DOES CIA AUTHORIZE GOOGLE TO CRACK THESE ACCOUNTS?


Taking a stand? Funny, when the money was coming in

Google was more then willing (happy) to turn a blind eye to human rights issues in China. But now that it’s Google’s “rights” (IP) that have been violated, they’re suddenly “concerned” about human rights issues in China? They’re taking a stand allright: a stand for Google’s profits.

Posted by: John Zern   Posted on: 01/12/10  (Edited: 01/12/2010 @ 08:40)


Situation in India

In India, google gives off any personal information to police if asked and Maharashtra Police used to nab people from across India who make critical orkut communities. It is clear that only if its money/business is violated google gets the pain. Not human rights.

Posted by: danishvet   Posted on: 01/12/10

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