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看完第 87 届奥斯卡最佳纪录长片《第四公民》(Citizenfour),其中提到:

Billions of US communications are being intercepted. And gathering evidence of wrongdoing, I focus on the wrongdoing of the American people. But believe me when I say that the surveillance we live under is the highest privilege compared to how we treat the rest of the world. This I can also prove. On cyber operations, the government’s public position is that we still lack a policy framework. That, too, is a lie. There’s a detailed policy framework, a kind of marshal law for cyber operations created by the White House. It’s called presidential policy director of 20 and was finalized at the end of last year.

几十亿条美国通讯正在被拦截。收集不法行为的证据,我(斯诺登)主要集中在美国民众所做的错事上。但是请相信我,我们所受的监视和其他国家受到的美国方面的监视相比已经算是优待了。这点我也可以证明。在网络运行方面,政府的公开立场是,我们仍然缺少一个政策框架。那也是个谎言。事实上有一个非常详尽的政策框架,是由白宫制定的网络行动戒严法。名为 20 号总统政策指导并在去年最终确定。

我真心觉得那些抱怨 GFW 太碍事的公知们最好还是闭嘴。




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