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关于 Thunderbird 的一些建议(转)

最近我电脑里的 Thunderbird 越来越慢,有收不到邮件的倾向。下面是转来的,在 Thunderbird 3.0 发布以前。
关于 Thunderbird 的一些建议,非常有用,应该也适合于其他的 Mail Agent。

Initial setup

Don’t use the default profile name. Thunderbird has a nasty habit of once in a great while forgetting about the existence of a profile if it uses the default name. When this occurs you suddenly start up in the new account wizard . You can avoid this by renaming the profile to use a unique name with the Profile Manager .

Check that your antivirus software isn’t configured to delete your Inbox if you get a virus. If it doesn’t support quarantining the infected message, v1.5 has a workaround that may help.

Don’t check for viruses in messages you send. This avoids some interoperability problems, and if the recipient isn’t already using a anti-virus program they have bigger problems to worry about than your message.

Don’t keep a copy of your messages on the POP server without providing some way to automatically get rid of them later on. If you use “Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings -> Leave message on server” to keep a copy of the original message on the POP server after Thunderbird checks for new mail (so that you can still access it via webmail), set the number of days it should keep the copy.

Install the MailTweak extension and enable the preferences cache. Its no substitute for regularly backing up your profile but if your computer crashes or loses power while Thunderbird is running that can trash the Prefs.js file which stores your account information and settings. This tweak will automaticly restore them if that happens.

Routine usage

Keep the Inbox empty. Move any new messages that you want to keep to either a child folder or another folder after you’ve read them. This will help avoid corrupting your Inbox folder.

Regularly compact your Inbox folder and any folders you delete messages in or move messages from. Once a week is a useful rule of thumb though how often depends upon how many messages you get and how critical they are to you. Ideally you would configure Thunderbird to automatically compact folders for you by setting it to compact when it will save 75KB (or another low value) and not prompt you for permission to compact the folders. For further information on these settings, see the Compacting folders article.

Regularly back up your profile. As a minimum back up your profile once you get Thunderbird working, and every time you upgrade. If you’re using a version of Thunderbird that automatically upgrades (v1.5 or later), back up your profile after it upgrades. Use Mozbackup to do this if you’re using Windows.

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如果公司的电脑不能使用私人信箱,有其他收阅方式么,比如不能登陆 hotmail 或者 yahoo,试过 mail2web 但是也不行,其他电脑就可以。

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本来我想用 flickr,但在大陆,更不稳定。刚好有个山寨 flickr– 巴巴变价钱也还好,算是支持国货,就用上了!


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