Chinese Luna New Year

2005-2-6 Chinese Luna New Year Chinese Luna New Year, Feb.9.2005, the next Wednesday. However, I think I must be sleeping on Wed because at the night of Tue I must be working. This year is a ... More »

Backup Site

2004-12-3 Backup Site I’m going to make this blog a backup one ’cause the SMTH blog is so unstable that for a long time I have being quite angry about it. In this blog I’m ... More »

Got Urticaria :(

2005-3-15 Got Urticaria Yesterday I got urticaria, which made my body very itchy. I knew it was urticaria because I spent 2 hours browsing on Internet to find symptons like me. Last night I c... More »


Wed Feb.9.2005(年初一) 恭贺新春正式版,嘿嘿。现在应该是农历新年的大年初一下午3:17分。俺上完夜班刚起床。 昨晚上班一切顺利。接班的时候俺大哥说回“家”过年吃饺子去。俺说咋全世界的中国人都在吃饺子... More »
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