My Uni Friend Bull’s Coming

Bull was my best friend in uni in China. He is working in Japan. On Jan.3 Bull came to Melbourne to see me. We had a lot of fun those days. The first day we went to the city and “hiked” every inch of streets in the city. The 2nd day we went to the Elwood Beach and had BBQ with my friends there. The 3rd day we went to my previous landlord’s home and enjoyed the traditional OZ life there. The last day we went to Crown again and had buffet dinner, then we were lucky enough that we met Chinese National Sailboarding Team there, and to our surprise I met an athelet (and also a world champion) whom I knew via MSN Space but never met before. All I could say is, the world is too small..

Anyway, the life when Bull was here is quite enjoyable. We talked, laughed and played quite well. Every day we went to my house it was nealy midnight and we were exhausted because we travelled too much. Also, Bull gave me a Saint Seya doll (named Golden-Saint-Gladiator Deathmask who is a cartoon character in a Japanese cartoon called Saint Seya) as a new year present. Now I miss that time quite much. I also wish me and Bull had a good luck in these new year. (Bull’s blog: here)



Received Graduation Photos

In the afternoon I received my graduation photos. To my surprise, the photos are only samples. That means I have to spend another one hundred bucks to purchase the one I want. It is absolutly nonsense. I would rather be in China for my g...


Graduation Ceremony

Yesterday I attended my Master’s Graduation Ceremony. This ceremony is quite a big thing to me. I was really excited when I attended this. Frank and Nikee joined the ceremony with me. I’d thank them very much. Some photos I s...


Lonely Southern Hemisphere

A famous Chinese song. I translate it into English. Note I changed the title. The original one is Lonely Northern Hemisphere. — By Ocean You have breakfirst with my “gd nite” Remember put my missing in piggy bank Seein...


A Happy Dinner with Frank :)

Today is quite good too. In the afternoon we finished all the tasks: having our Course Completion Letters and Academic Records signed in Uni. Then I asked Armcal manager certify and sign on copy of my passport. After that, we decided to ...

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