Cannot type Chinese here as my machine is being used by the new guy.

Three Four FIVE SIX things made me happy (!!!)

1. I get a total $1400 before I leave the job, for my whole holiday leave and others, far more than what I expected — $600! That made me pretty happy. Thanks to Cindy.

2. Boss is going to pay me more for my continuous off-site work! Even happier!

3. My passport finally issued! Now I saved $600 for changing my flight ticket no late than 1st October!

4. NEW! I got a surprise gift of tripod and a compact camera bag just 10 minutes ago! OK I have to say this is really really a surprise and I have to thank my boss and my colleagues. THANK YOU!

5. NEW NEW! Just checked my another email box and found that my LX3 camera has arrived Australia in 2 days through Hong Kong Post! That means it will be delivered to my house tomorrow morning before I leave! Yes!

Date #     Location      Delivery Status
22-Sep-2008     Hong Kong     Item posted and is being processed.
22-Sep-2008     Hong Kong     Processed for departure.
22-Sep-2008     Hong Kong     The item left Hong Kong for its destination on 23-Sep-2008
24-Sep-2008     Australia     Arrived and is being processed.
24-Sep-2008     Australia     Pending customs inspection.
24-Sep-2008     Australia     In transit.
24-Sep-2008     Australia     Arrived the delivery office and is being processed.

6. And I received one letter from immigration department just half an hour ago! My best friend shipped the letter to my house. Just opened it and it let me to send one piece of paper to the department. Sounds like it is processing and going to the final part, at least I know my case officer now. That is great! Some friends of mine even did not hear anything from IMMI after weeks! I am hoping that everything will be smooth after all the dramas I had gone through in the past weeks.


  1. RE Francis & Legend: I suppose it is just a little bit luck plus all year’s hard working…RE 心情在路上: Yeah I am hoping the camera will be delivered to my house tmrwRE 猫猫在南半球: I plan to go on 30th. See you guys Sunday noon?

  2. "See you guys Sunday noon? " 到底什么时候阿, 原来不是说周六晚饭?  另外, 除我外, 还有别人么? 对了, 我有可能有好朋友从悉尼过来, 不介意一起吧? 那你下周二就飞啦? 看来周末一定要见个面阿. 不然不知道下次见面什么时候了, 呵呵



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